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Styles and headers March 2024

I talked about styles and headers years ago. They’re still relevant. They’re still valuable. And, a lot of people still seem to struggle with them. The truth is, if you want your writing to be readable (and to save yourself some headaches) you should be using both. So, let’s take a look at styles and […]

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Once again, dear reader, we’re diving into the world of fiction. This week I’m sharing one of my stories. I’m also working on an opportunity for others to share their stories (which, if I haven’t told you about already, I’ll be telling you about in the near future). Enjoy the story. Write your stories. And, […]

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Long vs. short

Long, long ago (before Covid hit the world stage and half the world became ‘covidiots’ (you’re choice which half…)) a writing professor told me, “there’s nothing you can learn writing a novel that you can’t learn better writing a short story.” I actually disagree with him. There are things we can learn from short stories, […]

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