Mother’s Day

Well, dear reader, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s one of those ‘holidays’ that was well-intentioned but has a bit of a problem.
On one level, Mother’s Day should be one of the most inclusive holidays around. Everyone has a mother… On another level, there are some folks who really don’t like their mothers. Then, there are the women who want to be mothers but aren’t, and possibly can’t be, mothers. And that’s not the end of it… It’s a day that’s ultimately inclusive, but still leaves people out.
I am not saying, and will never say, don’t celebrate Mother’s Day. If your mother is alive, and not some form of unholy terror, remember her today. Call her. Do something nice for her. Treat her well. (And if you think she is an unholy terror, maybe give her the benefit of the doubt and try to see things from her perspective. You may learn something new… (or not)).
Yes, celebrate Mother’s Day. But also try to emulate some traits of an exemplary mother: understanding, caring, and compassion. If there are those in your circle who want to be mothers, people around you who’ve lost their mothers, or even those who really had a terrible mother. Remember that and don’t make them miserable in your (real or imagined) joyous holiday.
There are many wonderful mothers who’ve adopted people into their families. There are also people who’ve adopted mothers into their families. Maybe, just maybe, it’s something we should think about this weekend. Don’t force anyone. But, where and when you can, bring the genuine spirit of motherhood into Mother’s Day, OK?
Happy Mother’s Day dear reader. I’ll see you next post.

Patrick Kidder

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