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This week we’re talking about a major project here at FMP. Amazing things are happening!

I may have mentioned it here and there, but… Forever Mountain Publishing is launching a fiction magazine. It’s been (and still is) a long road. We’re building this thing from whole cloth, not just buying somebody else’s IP. But it’s happening and we’ve just closed reading for the initial issue (themed opening the door). As of this week, we’re most excitedly looking for fantasy fiction for our second issue (themed worlds of opportunity).
So… What is this madness I speak of?
It’s Sally Port Magazine. A Sally Port is a door. And we’re opening the door to publishing in the most genuinely fair way possible.
It’s a magazine where you’ll find fantasy fiction for everyone. That means we’ve got stories for mid-grade readers, YA readers, and you adult folks out there. It’s family friendly in that there are stories for many reading levels and parents don’t have to be afraid of their kids reading it. But that doesn’t mean it’s all kid stuff. Our heros and heroines face situations with real stakes and are expected to face them with the resources someone of their age level would actually have. We, and our protagonists, are open to explore topics appropriate for each specific age group we offer stories for. (So the ten-year-old isn’t expected to handle marriage or dating issues, but the teens and adults certainly might!)
It’s also a resource for help in your own writing. Sally Port Magazine has non-fiction material about fiction writing. We’ve got our first columnist writing about writing for our YA audience. And we’re accepting and printing material about writing from the perspectives of writers, editors, and publishers.
Occasionally we’re even printing ttrpg gaming material! (we’ve got some in the first issue and seeking out more!)
So, why does this all matter to you, the reader?
Well, if you’re reading this blog, it probably has to do with being interested in reading, and/or writing. Almost every writer I’ve met (including the ones who are editors and publishers…) writes fiction. And fantasy fiction is one of the most popular areas in the fiction world. So, if matters because there’s a really good chance you’re interested in what we’re offering.
It also matters because we’re helping people write and create. We’re opening the door to the industry for those who want to come in and will put in the effort to get here. We’re also supporting those who are already here to up their game and go farther.
Wait… Back up toward the start… You said you’re opening the door in a “fair” way. That means you’re only accepting people from underserved groups and doing the DEI thing, right?
Nope. We looked at that policy and the results it gets and took a different path. What we’re doing is blind submissions. When you submit to Sally Port, you’re expected to submit your name and information as part of the submission form. But, it doesn’t go on the story manuscript. When we read, we do not know who the author is until we’ve decided about accepting the story. So it’s fair. Who the author is doesn’t enter the equation, just the story does.
We’re launching a magazine, dear reader. And if you read, or write, fantasy fiction, it’s worth checking out. Join us in opening the door.
Either way, I’ll see you next post.

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