Style guides

Writing is just putting words on paper, isn’t it? No, not really. Just like verbal communication, how you say it is often as important as what you say. And, how you say it is more than just a word choice. As writers and publishers, we have to put thought into how we represent ourselves andContinue reading “Style guides”

Queries and pitches (part 1)

“I’m thinking about just self-publishing. Finding a publisher is too hard!” I’ve heard that more than once. I’ve thought that more than once. But self-publishing isn’t always the best idea. Actually, it can be one of the worst ideas if you want to succeed as an author. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes self-publishing is theContinue reading “Queries and pitches (part 1)”

It’s coming!

I was going to write about interviewing skills this week, but the interviewer (me) and the interviewee (also me) are having a scheduling challenge and we’re going to have to come back to that post later. One reason for the interruption… Registration for the 2023 LDSPMA writers’ conference is now open! Writers’ conferences are interestingContinue reading “It’s coming!”

Second opinions

Back in the bad old days (graduate school edition) I noticed my professors had one or more colleagues that they’d trade research papers and other written work with, to read over before submitting or publishing. It’s not only a good idea, it can be a real project and reputation saver! Later, as I dove intoContinue reading “Second opinions”

Growth through volunteerism…

Whether we’re non-fiction writers, fiction writers, editors, publishers, publishing marketers, artists involved in publishing, or anyone else who turns ideas into a book, we have to start somewhere. A lot of us dream of making it big. But, there’s a lot to learn before we get there. A few have made it big. They hadContinue reading “Growth through volunteerism…”

Stories of faith

Successful stories are about something. They don’t always have lots of action, but they’re about something. Good stories have good (as in well written and engaging) characters. Those characters can’t just be two-dimensional cutouts. They need thoughts and emotions. They need to believe something. When that belief comes with trust and confidence (and it should)Continue reading “Stories of faith”

Drawing lines and defining the work…

When I’m not writing/editing/working on FMP or Words Mean Stuff (WMS), I’m on the committee of a writer’s conference (and when I have a second or two, I also write books and stories!). On the conference side of the house, it’s a busy month, even though the conference isn’t until October. Why? Because right nowContinue reading “Drawing lines and defining the work…”

The value of time (revisited)

As a feature of the ongoing business/tools thread, we started in February and continued last week (link) this week I’m bringing back a post and a tool from last year, an hourly rate. Overall, I don’t believe the principle has changed. In fact, with the economy where it is and in view of our currentContinue reading “The value of time (revisited)”

All the things!!!!!

By the conventional schedule, today’s post should be a non-fiction post. And, it is, in that the things I’m talking about are very real. Last month, I put out a business post Looking Where We “Dare Not Look” discussing hiring someone to help with the backside work of a writing business. The tldr on thatContinue reading “All the things!!!!!”