Drawing lines and defining the work…

When I’m not writing/editing/working on FMP or Words Mean Stuff (WMS), I’m on the committee of a writer’s conference (and when I have a second or two, I also write books and stories!). On the conference side of the house, it’s a busy month, even though the conference isn’t until October. Why? Because right nowContinue reading “Drawing lines and defining the work…”

The value of time (revisited)

As a feature of the ongoing business/tools thread, we started in February and continued last week (link) this week I’m bringing back a post and a tool from last year, an hourly rate. Overall, I don’t believe the principle has changed. In fact, with the economy where it is and in view of our currentContinue reading “The value of time (revisited)”

All the things!!!!!

By the conventional schedule, today’s post should be a non-fiction post. And, it is, in that the things I’m talking about are very real. Last month, I put out a business post Looking Where We “Dare Not Look” discussing hiring someone to help with the backside work of a writing business. The tldr on thatContinue reading “All the things!!!!!”

Fantasy vs “Real World” stories

Occasionally someone asks what genre I write in. It’s not a simple “one word” answer. I write in several. In the non-fiction world, I’ve written scientific stuff, self-help stuff, and business stuff. In fiction, I write fantasy, real world stuff, and stuff where fantasy and the real world intersect (I like those stories). I aspireContinue reading “Fantasy vs “Real World” stories”

Looking where we “dare not look”

Note: I don’t walk perfectly in the realm of today’s subject. But, I’m learning and doing the best I can. And I encourage you to do so as well, dear reader. Guy Kawasaki was an Apple guy, back in the old days when they made and sold computers and not “I-toothbrushes”. He wrote several booksContinue reading “Looking where we “dare not look””

Pen or keyboard?

One of the most amusing debates among writers centers on how they write. You’ve got pen (pencil) and paper people, computer people, and even typewriter people. There are even “I write on my phone” people out there. And many are convinced they’ve found “the” way to do it! The truth is, I don’t understand peopleContinue reading “Pen or keyboard?”

I’m not the hero…?

It’s been said (a lot) that you need to know your audience. It’s true, you need to understand them so that you can understand what they’re looking for, what they enjoy, what they will pay for, and other things. Well, in the world of non-fiction, there’s another reason you need to understand them. Sometimes, theContinue reading “I’m not the hero…?”

Fanfic and creating story

I was going to title today’s post Creating Story, Fanfic, and Other ‘Stuff’. I was tempted to rant about certain recent series or attempted series. But I’m not going there. Yes, there are people ‘borrowing’ popular IP and creating ‘new versions’ that are basically their own thing using the old IP’s name. There are alsoContinue reading “Fanfic and creating story”

Taking note

Making notes on drafts and research is important. It can also be a pain in the butt. Actually, note taking is a “two problem” problem. It’s two sided. There’s the taking notes part and also the organizing and using your notes part. The best solution depends on how you work and what you’re using theContinue reading “Taking note”

Open(ly) Ganking (the) License!

This is my first business post in 2023. Unexpectedly, it is also my gaming post for this month. (I told you two weeks ago I wasn’t sure when it was going to happen…). It’s not the way I planned it. It’s just how things went. A lot has come out recently about WOTC/Hasbro’s new OpenContinue reading “Open(ly) Ganking (the) License!”