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We are happy to announce the release of a new craft book by our in house author Farangian!


Beach Glass Jewelry is an exploration of making with ‘naturally occurring’ and recycled glass. More information is available here  and the book itself is now available in E-book format on Amazon.

Here are some of the things we’ve released in the past…

For immediate Release

New novel features Idaho families and culture

Forever Mountain Publishing is releasing a new young adult (YA) novel, Johnson Farm, by Idaho author Farangian (Patrick Kidder). The novel is set here in Idaho and will be portraying Idaho and Idaho culture to a national and international audience.

Johnson Farm is an exploration of identity. John Johnson travels to the family farm for a funeral and discovers the family he never really knew. While exploring the hills and fields he is confronted with family secrets and issues relating to choice, faith and darker matters. He must confront and cope with who his relatives are and the things they do. He must also determine how to fix the things he can, and how to survive the things he cannot. Future books in the series will continue explore personal choice, individual ability, and responsibility, as well as understanding and respecting diversity in those around us.

Johnson Farm is being launched via a Kickstarter campaign ( and is the second book to be released by the growing Forever Mountain Publishing Label.  Premiums include an opportunity to influence future books in the series, and a meeting with the author.

For more information contact Patrick Kidder, Editor in Chief of Forever Mountain Publishing

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