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Ok dear reader, here’s the latest!

Farangian has a new one in the crafting realm, Beach Glass Jewelry {link}. This time it’s an exploration of beach glass (those amazing little bits of glass we find on the beach from time to time), how to make your own simulated beach glass (in case you can’t find what you want on the beach… or you don’t live near a beach…), and what to do with your glass once you have it.


In this new work Farangian takes us on a brief trip through the history of man-made glass, how beach glass (also known as sea glass) ‘happens’, creating your own ‘beach’ glass,  and creating with this beautiful material.

Much attention is given to how to make glass pieces that fit what you want to create, and how to do it safely. Detailed information is given for each step of the process: from getting the glass, to shaping, to creating the final finish you’re looking for.


Then, after you have your ‘beach’ glass, the next question is what to do with it. And, Farangian gives you the run down on a world of possibilities including wire wrap jewelry, sculpture, clay applications, candles, and more!

Beach Glass Jewelry is a simple and easy-to-read volume to help you in creating beautiful things with interesting materials. It is available on Amazon in E-book edition. PDF and print editions are being considered and will be forthcoming if there is sufficient reader interest.

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