Established in 2016 Forever Mountain Publishing is an independent publishing company devoted to building the strengths and capabilities of individuals through increased understanding and learning. We publish both fiction and nonfiction in a range of genres/subjects intended to help individuals to understand that they have the potential to be more than they have been before, and to help them find the knowledge and strength they need to move forward toward their dreams.

Our staff

Because we seek to develop talent in new and developing writers, artists and editors our staff changes from time to time. New or amazing people we’re working with will be profiled from time to time. (You might also find an opportunity for you to join the team…)

Since you’re still reading this let’s introduce a couple of our regulars…

Patrick Kidder

Patrick is the Editor in Chief of Forever Mountain Publishing. He arrives in the world of writing through the field of Psychology and an early career in mental health. He is a lifetime learner who published his first book in 2016.

Patrick has a sincere desire to help others grow and become. Whatever happens in life he will remain involved in writing, publishing and storytelling. His wife reports that working in this area makes him happier and easier to deal with.

When Patrick isn’t involved in writing/story telling (Yeah… right…) he is actively involved in roleplaying, rock hounding, jewelry making and other creative endeavors.


Hailing from Portland Oregon Carl joined Forever Mountain as our first official office manager in late 2016. His interests include food, shiny objects and making sure the bills get paid.

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