All the things!!!!!

By the conventional schedule, today’s post should be a non-fiction post. And, it is, in that the things I’m talking about are very real. Last month, I put out a business post Looking Where We “Dare Not Look” discussing hiring someone to help with the backside work of a writing business. The tldr on thatContinue reading “All the things!!!!!”

I’m not the hero…?

It’s been said (a lot) that you need to know your audience. It’s true, you need to understand them so that you can understand what they’re looking for, what they enjoy, what they will pay for, and other things. Well, in the world of non-fiction, there’s another reason you need to understand them. Sometimes, theContinue reading “I’m not the hero…?”

Know your biases

No, dear reader, this will not be a “men are evil”, “straights are evil”, “white people are evil,” “group x is evil”, or any other sort of rant post. Some people in those groups probably are problematic, but so are people of other groups. I’m also not ranting against those positions (actually I’m not rantingContinue reading “Know your biases”