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Back in 2018, I wrote a post over at Words Mean Stuff exploring how to help non-writers understand that writing is a real thing and an actual business. The need to help others understand what we do still exists. However, my understanding of how to do that (and my ability to write about it) has continued to evolve.

This week I’m reposting the 2018 post (Originally titled Make them believe… By doing) and next week I’ll present an updated version with (hopefully) better writing and some things I’ve learned in the intervening years.

So, here we go… The old post:

It happened again…

Someone asked me “are you still writing books?”

As expected, they were somewhat positive when I said yes and that I hoped to get my third one out the door by the end of the year.

And then came the second question…

And then someone asked “do you self-publish those?”

And then came the answer that makes them scrape their chins off the floor, “Yes, I am moving some stuff to another publisher, but I do own my own publishing company.”

For a lot of people being a writer, actually writing, is something that’s more theoretical than actual (and we’re not even to the publishing part yet). But, in the circles I run in some days, owning a business is a more concrete thing that many aspire to. Somehow, in the circles I run in, the owning my own publishing company part makes the being a writer part more real. Sometimes it even work s that way with people who have actually read one or more of my books!

They may not be thinking bad about you…

People can have trouble believing you and believing that you are going to do/achieve something. Sometimes that disbelief is because they don’t believe you, or don’t believe in you. Other times it is more of a “can’t conceive of anyone doing that” problem.

It can be disheartening when people don’t believe you.

It’s a fact.

And unfortunately it happens. But, fortunately there is an antidote that can help… You have to show them.

The ultimate showing them is of course actually doing, to actually achieve what you say you will. But, that can take time.

In the meantime it can help to have concrete evidence that you are on your way. As a writer one of the big ones is actually finishing a draft of a manuscript. If you plunk a binder with 200+ pages of your own words in it down on the table that says something.

Another concrete prof that can help a lot, in a lot of areas, is to have an actual developed plan. If you are setting up or acquiring a business a business plan serves to help you figure out what you are doing. It also gives you a concrete item to show people.

There is a reason bank people, investors, etc. ask for a business plan. Your plan says a whole lot about you. Just having one puts you ahead of the ‘just talking’ crowd; having a good one is real proof that you have the ability to do what you’re trying to do.

If all else fails… Do things that demonstrate you are doing what you say you will. You will persuade more people that you intend to lose weight by dieting and getting some exercise than you will by having a marathon console gaming session. If you want to persuade people you are going to college, a university parking pass on your car carries more weight than a ‘honk if you’re horny’ bumper sticker.

It won’t always be easy dear reader, but it is simple and it works: if you want people to believe you, and believe in you, give them a reason. It even works with yourself.

The most important believer is you!

It hurts wen people don’t believe in you. It is devastating when you don’t believe in yourself. Sometimes the things we are talking about, the visible, concrete proofs that you are doing, can help you get over the ‘hump’ and actually get things done.

The business plan, the manuscript, the parking pass… They all can help you see how far you have gotten. And, that business plan (or any other worthwhile plan) can help you figure out where to go next.

Sometimes it is good to have something tangible to remind you of the progress you’ve made and where you intend to go next. And having that tangible proof can help others believe too.

I am becoming who I need to be dear reader. And, you can do the same.

That’s it for this one dear reader. Now, go out there and make them believe… And, I’ll see you next post…

P.S. Just as a reminder next week I will be posting over at Forever Mountain Publishing.

Tune in next week for the updated material dear reader!

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