Playing through…

One of the things I’ve heard from athletes and other ‘physical types’ is that you need to play through the pain. On the one hand this is true, sometimes you need to push through the pain in order to achieve. On the other hand, pain has a purpose, it’s there to tell us something’s wrong and potentially damage is happening to our bodies. As I’m planning for the year ahead and looking around at the world, I see an even bigger point that the coaches and athletes missed… You need to play through your fear! Yes, there are scary things out there, but we have to get past our fears to achieve anything, whether we’re in pain or not.

So dear reader, my message today is that in spite of all the noise in the world, our first step in succeeding in anything is pushing past our fears, and that’s definitely true for those of us who want to see our thoughts in print.

It’s been a while, but I’m back and looking forward to talking with you about this and many other things in the year to come. I’ll see you next post.

Published by Farangian

I'm a writer (fiction and non fiction) with a Masters in Psychology. I am also a sculptor, metal smith, lapidary, tutor/trainer, and eternal student. The name Farangian comes from the name of a fantasy world I created called Farangia. That name comes from Farang with is a term that the Thai use for westerners.

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